Puppy Talk Podcast

Puppy Talk Podcast provides advice and tips to help you raise a healthy, happy, and obedient, puppy. We cover a variety of topics including basic training, behavior modification, and more.

Recent Episodes

Puppy Training Series: The Watch Me Command

March 15, 2023

This is a great exercise to build the relationship between the handler and the puppy. We start this in the house with no distractions, then move it outside with distractions so she can get focused back on me when she has rea…

Puppy Training Series: No is Not a Cue

March 12, 2023

I found this post on another dog trainer Olivia Mergl of Mannered Mutts Dog Training on Instagram. Below is her post text. The image that goes with the post will be placed on a blog post here . No is not a cue!! No is not a …

Be Patient With Your Puppy

March 3, 2023

There are two ways to be more patient with your puppy, and I will discuss both in this episode. Patience will go a long way when raising a puppy. Give your puppy time to learn and adapt to your lifestyle. Be patient when t…

Should Your Puppy Sleep in Your Bed?

Feb. 26, 2023

In this episode, I discuss the pros and cons of having your puppy sleep with you in your bed. Remember, that is my opinion, and the opinions of other dog trainers and vets will vary. The Complete Puppy Training Manual is no…

The First Day With Your New Puppy

Feb. 21, 2023

In this episode, I share what I did during my dog Dixie's First Day Home on May 5, 2020. I immediately taught Dixie her name, leash acclimation, and set boundaries in the apartment. Notice my tone, words, and leadership ski…