Puppy Talk Podcast

Puppy Talk Podcast provides advice and tips to help you raise a healthy, happy, and obedient, puppy. We cover a variety of topics including basic training, behavior modification, and more.

Recent Episodes

Setting Rules and Boundaries for Your Puppy

Aug. 14, 2022

Everyone in your family, including dogs, has to have rules and boundaries in the house. You should start teaching the puppy rules and boundaries as soon as you bring them home. Giving a puppy too much freedom and the ability…

The First 5 Things to Teach Your New Puppy

July 4, 2022

These 5 things need to begin even before the basic obedience training command such as sit, down, stay, etc. Potty Training - Episode #3 Crate Training - Episode #21 Rules and Boundaries Puppies Name Stopping Play Biting - Ep…

How to Stop Submissive or Excitement Peeing in Puppies

June 23, 2022

I have a lot of clients with puppies that pee when they get excited. This is a huge issue with some new puppy owners, and in this episode I will provide some tips to help you deal with excited or submissive urination in pupp…

Setting Realistic Puppy Training Goals

June 15, 2022

Setting unrealistic goals for your new puppy is a huge mistake. This is just as bad as trying to “fix” all of your puppies unwanted behaviors. As discussed in the last episode, we always want to focus on what we want the pu…

How to Fix Your Puppies Bad Behavior

April 17, 2022

There is one secret to raising your puppy so that they continue to do what you ask from them, and stop doing the behaviors that you don’t want such as barking, jumping, play biting, and chewing. Listen to this entire episode…