Puppy Talk Podcast

Puppy Talk Podcast provides advice and tips to help you raise a healthy, happy, and obedient, puppy. We cover a variety of topics including basic training, behavior modification, and more.

Recent Episodes

Potty Training and Puppy Vaccines

Nov. 6, 2022

This is a great question that was a comment on one of my YouTube videos. The short answer is "Yes, But Follow These Rules To Stay Safe." Links to supporting articles and Podcasts: PawsGeek.com article: https://www.pawsgeek.…

Top 3 Reasons Why Puppy Potty Training is Failing

Nov. 2, 2022

Our most popular episode has been #3 from January 12, 2021, on How to Potty Train Your Puppy . I continue to receive comments on social media posts and daily emails from local clients of Top Gun Dog Training who are having t…

Using Corrections With Puppy Training

Oct. 23, 2022

In this episode, I am going to discuss important details about using corrections with young puppies. This information is a companion to the past episode #56 on The Benefits of Positive Reinforcement Training. When to use cor…

The Benefits of Positive Reinforcement Training

Oct. 19, 2022

This episode is from an article written by Taylor Andrews for my website. You can read the entire article here https://topgundogtraining.com/blog/f/the-benefits-of-positive-reinforcement-training Dale's dog training website …

Setting Rules and Boundaries for Your Puppy

Aug. 14, 2022

Everyone in your family, including dogs, has to have rules and boundaries in the house. You should start teaching the puppy rules and boundaries as soon as you bring them home. Giving a puppy too much freedom and the ability…