Puppy Talk Podcast

Puppy Talk Podcast provides advice and tips to help you raise a healthy, happy, and obedient, puppy. We cover a variety of topics including basic training, behavior modification, and more.

Recent Episodes

How to Calm a Hyper Puppy

May 19, 2023

As a professional dog trainer, I have never been asked to help make a puppy more hyper, but almost every new puppy owner requests some training on how to make their puppy more calm. To achieve the goal of puppy calmness, it’…

It’s Not the Puppy's Fault

May 7, 2023

The goal of raising a puppy is to prevent unwanted behaviors from developing so that you can live harmoniously with your puppy. Most new puppy owners allow most unwanted behavior to develop, even reinforcing the behaviors in…

How to Stop Puppy Barking in the Crate

April 21, 2023

How to Stop Puppy Barking and Crying in Crate It’s important to note that some barking or crying in the crate from your puppy is normal at the beginning. The acclimation period of crate training is about 2 weeks. If, afte…

Why Are So Many Puppies Being Rehomed?

April 11, 2023

This is a great question. In this podcast episode, I will discuss why so many puppies are being rehomed and how to prevent this from happening to your puppy. Why Are So Many Puppies Being Rehomed? Owners don’t have time to r…

Essential Equipment for New Puppies

April 10, 2023

Here is the List of some Essential Equipment for New Puppies. Find the links to these items in this blog post . Dog Bed for relaxation and teaching place Play Toys for enrichment Kong® mental stimulation toys LickiMat® menta…