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Excellent content!! Highly recommend!

I am a certified professional dog trainer and also run a nonprofit dog rescue. This is a really fabulous podcast!I’ve been enjoying listening and have been sharing with my clients, our adopters and also Fosters. This podcast is especially needed due to all the people who have adopted or bought dogs during the pandemic.

Great show for dog families!

Great integration of complex concepts into simple explanations for the general public.

So helpful!

This is a super helpful show. Puppies are so much harder than most people think - and this podcast prepares owners fir the challenges ahead so that the whole family is successful.

Fantastic show for all dog owners

I have two puppies of my own and this show is SO HELPFUL 🏆🏆

Awesome tips

Great information on here for puppy owners! Very insightful episode with Michael shikashio for those interested in canine aggression. Looking forward to more!

Will result in happier pups!

Great practical info as well as explaining puppy behavior. Very interesting and helpful!

Great Podcast

This podcast was great to listen too. Very informative. I learned a lot about new puppies. Can’t wait for more episodes!