April 11, 2021

Canine Nutrition with Rei Kawano of Heed Foods

Canine Nutrition with Rei Kawano of Heed Foods

In this episode, I had a great interview about canine nutrition with Rei Kawano of Heed Foods. We talk about many things related top optimal puppy and adult dog nutrition.  Be sure to visit their website at https://www.heedfoods.com/

  • How you founded the brand?
  • What is so important about the ingredients you use?
  • Why the focus on gut health? 
  • Are there any dog food regulations that monitor the ingredients and quality of the food?
  • What are the different product that you offer?
  • What about for puppies?
  • Where can people buy your dog food?
  • How have you increased you business so far?
  • What inspirational tips do you have for other entrepreneurs?

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