April 10, 2023

Essential Equipment for New Puppies

Essential Equipment for New Puppies

Here is the List of some Essential Equipment for New Puppies. Find the links to these items in this blog post

  • Dog Bed for relaxation and teaching place
  • Play Toys for enrichment
  • Kong® mental stimulation toys
  • LickiMat® mental stimulation feeders
  • Dog Puzzles for mental stimulation
  • Bully Sticks for heavy chewers
  • Dear Antler for aggressive chewers
  • Nylabone® Puppy Starter Kit for moderate chewers
  • 6” Snap Leash for leash training and walking
  • Collar for use with the snap leash
  • Long Line for enrichment and teaching recall
  • Front Clip Harness for training walks
  • Rear Clip Harness for enrichment walks
  • Crate for safe place confinement
  • Playpen to give your puppy a place to play
  • Baby Gates to help establish boundaries 
  • Training Treats for reward-based training
  • Dog Clicker for a marker during training

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