Jan. 27, 2021

Preventing Puppy Aggression with Michael Shikashio

Preventing Puppy Aggression with Michael Shikashio

Michael is a an internationally sought after keynote speaker and presenter on the topic of aggression at numerous events, conferences, and universities worldwide. He has mentored and presented to thousands of animal professionals in twelve different countries and has been a guest at every major dog training conference in the U.S. and Mexico including the APDT, IAABC, FDSA, Clicker Expo, Victoria Stilwell's DBC, PPG, CICA, Owners of Dog Daycares, and The Aggression in Dogs Conferences.

Michael is fully Certified through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants and is one of fewer than 300 CDBCs worldwide. He is the founder of the Aggression in Dogs Master Course  at aggressivedog.com and currently teaches trainers and behavior consultants in more than 25 countries how to work with aggression cases.

Michael also has a great podcast called The Bitey end of the Dog.

Interview Questions:

  • Define dog aggression?
  • What are the different types of dog aggression?
  • How do dogs become aggressive?
  • How important is sleep for young puppies?
  • What about fear, anxiety, and stress?
  • What about the owners stress and anxiety?
  • What are dog behavior consultants and dog trainers seeing more of since COVID-19?
  • Have you seen more young puppies with dog aggression?
  • What are the first signs that new puppy owners should look for with their dog being aggressive?
  • How can we help prevent or minimize the possibility of our puppies developing dog aggression. 
  • Do male dogs that get neutered become more aggressive?

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