May 24, 2021

Puppy Training Series: Teaching Come

Puppy Training Series: Teaching Come

This is the final installment in our puppy training series, teaching puppy recall (come).

Todays Lesson:

  • Make sure you have a good sit, down, and stay before expecting a good recall under distractions. 
  • DO NOT call you puppy to you and punish them or make them do something they don’t walk like go to crate, etc. 
  • Use high value food reward

3 Types of recall

  1. Place puppy in stay, release them with an “ok”, then call them to you with “come” - be energetic and use high pitch voice. 
  2. Use a long lead, I use 30’ leash, allow puppy to go to end of the lease, and practice calling them back “Dixie, come” while using a slight tug on the leash.
  3. Try a restrained recall where you distance your self from the puppy while someone holds the puppy back, because they will follow you, and do the recall “Dixie, come” as the other person lets the puppy go. 
  • Recall outside with a lot of distractions will take a lot of time, be patient. 
  • Practice makes perfect. 3-5 minutes a day.


  • Call puppy from anywhere is the house
  • Call puppy to you on a walk
  • Call puppy back to you if they get off leash

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