March 5, 2021

Crate Training for Puppies

Crate Training for Puppies

Below are 10 tips to help you crate training your puppy. The goal is for the puppy to associate a positive experience with the crate. This is also an episode on our podcast, listen here.

Tips of what to do:

  1. Use treats to lure puppy into crate
  2. Have puppy lie down in crate with lure or one time saying “down”
  3. Feed using their food bowl, or Lickimat, or Kong (do not close door to crate)
  4. Play games with puppy and crate (see Instagram videos for Top Gun Dog Training)
  5. Close crate door for intervals of 30 sec, 1 min, etc., and work up to several minutes at a time while puppy is being calm.
  6. Use a camera to observe what puppy does in crate when left alone. 


Tips of what NOT to do:

  1. Do not throw your puppy in the crate
  2. Do not yell at puppy in crate when they are barking or crying
  3. Do not put any bedding in crate if they are a chewer or not potty trained. Just use the plastic crate pan.
  4. Do not let puppy suffer in crate, go back to steps of what to do and work on those.