May 5, 2021

Puppy Training Series: Teaching Down

Puppy Training Series: Teaching Down

This episode is part a change in the format for Puppy Talk Podcast. Once a week I will be providing detailed instructions of training commands for your puppy. This episode coaches you how to teach your puppy the "down" command. 

Todays Lesson:

  • Teaching down using shaping
  • Need training treats - see episode 11 for recommendations
  • Also need a quiet place with no distractions for you and your puppy
  • Lure into sit. 
  • 4 parts: food lure, down, mark the behavior (yes or click), reward
  • Clicker training - episode 15
  • Do this 5 times with no mistakes. Go for 5/5 - (Jean Donaldson)
  • Once they can do this 5/5, then you can add the command “down” before offering the food lure. Say “down”, then proceed with the lure, puppy goes down, mark the behavior, and reward. 
  • Don’t add the word “down” until the puppy knows the movement well and can do 5/5
  • The next step is to use a hand signal by sweeping hand and arm the palm face down from your also saying “down”. 
  • After 5/5 of this then you can try removing the word and just using the hand signal. 
  • Practice makes perfect. 3-5 minutes a day of sit training


  • Use when you want puppy settle down
  • Use when you want puppy to behave
  • Use when you want puppy to go to place (bed)

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